serial to parallel


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serial or usb to parallel

Is there an easy way to plug a parallel lcd into the serial port or usb via some sort of adapter. I like the parallel lcd's because of the fun colors ;-) Thanks in advance.


Would this work? :

it looks like it would. Of course i do not expect a guarantee, but have any of you had luck with this?
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Physically and electrically, I would bet it could be made to work. But I would guess that the driver would be trouble, since it is probably only set up to do printer I/O, and not general purpose I/O.

Something like this:

Might work, and may have more open software documentation.


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what you are trying to do is technically possible, as you would need to build/aquire a RS232 to parrallel converter. This would require a microcontroller or similar to do the interfacing.



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There are parallel to serial and serial to parallel IC's still on the market you can find common one in the 74Hx series in catalogs like Jameco - Digi-key - Mouser - JDR for a few cents to a couple of $$ and do the same as a micro-controller.
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