Self-contained Floppy LCD

Self contained 3.5" Floppy Bay LCD

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Hey all...

I, like so many other modders out there, am running short on 5.25 drive bay space. All 4 of my bays are filled with some contraption or other that make the case look really spiffy. I would like to take my spiffness to the next level and put in an LCD but I do not have the space to put it in a 5.25 drive bay and I'd like to refrain from cutting my case any more than I already have.

I've searched the forums and have not seen many other references to this idea but hows 'bout an LCD module(PCB, connectors, and everything else), packaged in in a tidy little kit that can fit and be mounted in a 3.5 inch floppy bay?

It would be pretty sweet to get all the functionality of your Intelligent LCD's bundled up in its own container that requires that the owner merely mounts it, plugs it in, and goes.

Whuddya say?

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Most cases on the market are equipped with two visible 3.5 floppy drives. One of which is is usually claimed by a floppy drive. So I would have to say an LCD large enough for only one bay. Now if you have some suggestions that could find a way to use two bays to host an LCD while still being able to use a floppy would rule.


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I am also looking for a self contained unit . The problem has been that the pcb or board behind the display is too large to fit in a standard floppy bay. I have seen a mod that cuts into the drive above to fit the board but I am unwilling to do that to my dvd+-drive. The case that I have is a shuttle sb51 which is a small form factor case is only 12x8x8 inches and has one 5.25 and one 3.5 bay. A usb driven lcd unit would be cool and very marketable since as stated before many people have open 3.5 drive bays and nothing other than a floppy or a zip to put in them.

ps this is what I am looking for but this product is not available in the us
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