Search for VDS display.


New member
We are looking for VDS display with resolution 128x320 pixels.
It is display from R\C transmitter Futaba.
I think maybe it is possible to find this kind of display and replace a broken one.
Information on it is:
White characters: VG-S321251
Black characters: VG-S321251-1GRNNA 036026606
Could you be so kind to provide an information if I can find this display and where if it is possible?
Maybe you know a contact information of the producer or supplier.
Also if possible please give us recomendations what is possible to do in this kind of situation.
A display on the transmitter is broken and a new one from the producer of transmitter costs about the price of a new transmitter.
I will be glad for any information which can help.
Thank you beforehand.
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