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I'm making my own serial -> LCD controller, and I was wondering how the crystalfontz LCDs can scroll 20 characters one pixel at a time. How does this work? surely the LCD (assuming it's based on a HD44780) doesn't have enough custom character memory to do this? Is there some cunning trickery going on here?

Thanks for any help

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Re: Re: Scrolling

CF Tech said:
Hmmmmm . . . .[silence, followed by an evil grin]
Does that mean "No, I'd rather not reveal how out software works for some randomer, because Matrix Orbital could copy our vital trade secrets as they can't afford to pay their own developers" If so, do you really think that's likely?

Sorry if I shouldn't have asked...


CF Tech

Imagine this conversation:

ch424: I'm writing a new virus detection program. Can you tell me how McAfee anti-virus detects W32/Sober.j@MM?

McAfee: No.

Would you think that is odd?

In any case, the information you are trying to find is in this forum ;)