SCAB without an LCD Module


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I have been poring over your product manuals and pages, as well as doing some searching, but can't seem to find any information about this.

I would like to use the SCAB for fan control and thermal sensing in a home server build. Since I will not be looking at it much (if at all), installing an LCD is pointless visually. But I can't seem to see a way for the SCAB to interface with the host system without the 631 or 635 LCD modules (which, to my understanding, have a USB interface, which is lacking on the SCAB).

Would it be possible to provide input from the host to the SCAB via the GPIO pins? Or perhaps there is a way to rewire the 16-pin connection to a USB connection so as to connect the SCAB directly to the host?

I can't find such an adapter cable in the accessories page, so I'm assuming it is not supported or doesn't exist yet. But if someone has managed to pull this off, a few pictures of your SCAB setup will be very much appreciated. If a custom solution is available, then all the better!

As far as possible I would like to avoid buying an LCD module just to provide a host connection, but if it really is unavoidable then I guess it can't be helped.
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Ah, I see, guess I'll have to try to incorporate an LCD into the build then.

I have checked out the T-Balancer before, and it looks like a great product, but the high price and limited fan control channels on the miniNG kinda put me off a bit. I was looking for something a little cheaper, and chanced upon Crystalfontz.

Thank you for the reply, I'll go do a bit more thinking about my build :)