Scab and 635 Question


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just a quick question about the SCAB...

i received mine last Saturday after a friend's order arrived, as i pitched in and ordered with his :)...

its an awesome unit, got the fans to temp graphs and everything... it just unlocks the potential of the 635 immensely...

just a question about the GPIO's on the scab... i know the second set of GPIO's on the LCD are tied in with the LED's onboard, but is there a possibility to set the GPIO's to output to more LED's so i can have more LED's for HDD status? and how would i setup the LED's physically ( tie the GPIO output to the annode or cathode?) and then how would i control it with software?

another question, with the 635.... how do i remove the default boot message and replace it with my own? is there a way to do that...


p.s. your products really are awsome... only me and a mate have a CF product at lans in perth :D
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To replace the default message:

1) stop CC2
2) use 635_WinTest to display whatever you want (also set contrast, backlight, & leds)
3) use the packet debugger in 635_WinTest to send a command 4


There are four I/O on the SCAB that can be used. They should drive a "5v" LED (one that has a current limiting resistor built-in) or a normal LED with a current limiting resistor in series.

To control the I/O would be the challenge, you can do it in 635_WinTest, but I do not think CC2 has I/O control beyond the LEDs.


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Why not set up the existing side LEDs to show HD usage? This thread looks very promising, might try some ideas myself yet...... Heres a quote from the thread......

the bottom LED is showing the status of the CPU load.
The middle bottom LED is showing HDD activity of C:\
The Middle top LED is showing HDD activity of D:\
and the top one is doing nothing atm
LED Thread

There are also, as you`ve probably noticed some rather interesting network display ideas in the pipeline, especially useful for LAN parties. The future is looking very good for CrystalFontz LCD users.



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well, the 4 LED's are currently being used as HDD activity LED's anyways...

ive got a total of 5 HDD's, and i would like to use 1 of the extra GPIO's for the 5th HDD and 2 of the extra GPIO's for network usage.

ive gone through that thread etc, and have programmed the Keys and the LED's on my 635... so yeah, i know about that thread ;)