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Several sales/ordering questions regarding the CFA631:
1) If you buy the CFA631 from the pricing/ordering link on the product page (as opposed to the drive-bay-kit page) what does that include? Is the pictured mounting bracket included? The product picture shows the red back-light product with a black face, and the white back-light product with a silver face... Is it correct to assume that those are not included? What does the face of the product look like without the cover plate?
2) Is there some reason that (on the pricing/ordering link from the 631 product page again) the white back-light product is offered bundled with either the external or internal USB wires while the red back-light product is only offered with the internal USB (or with no wires)?
3) Why are the cover plates for the 631 not offered on the accessory page?
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CF Tech

Thank you for your inquiry.

Products ordered from this page:

will not have the overlay. Typically OEMs who supply their own overlays order from this page. The "bracket" is an integral part of the CFA-631. It can not be separated, so it is always "included".

The CFA631RMFKU1 does include a WRUSBY03, we will get that error fixed.

If you want the overlay included, you need to order from the Drive Bay Kit page:

I think you can purchase an overlay separately, but I do not think it is available through the site. You would have to write or to get a price.

CF Tech

OK, thanks. I corrected my post.

See, now you have the numbering "system" figured out better than me :)