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romoving bracket logo


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removing bracket logo

I just purchased a CFA634 and a "brushed look" 634 bracket. What's the best way to remove the logo on the bracket?
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It doesn't exactly peel off because it's screened on the bracket. I tried paint thinner without any success. Then, I tried to carefully sand it off, but that ended up taking a lot of the "brushed aluminum" finish off the bracket. Disappointed with the look, I asked CF if I could order a bracket a without the logo, but they said that I would have to do a custom order, and custom orders are in only for quantities over a hundred! So, I ordered a new bracket. I also ordered some scrap aluminum from PCMods for my Lian-Li case to try to make the face plate myself. If it doesn't come out right, I'll just use the new bracket I ordered despite red logo that takes away from the simplicity and class from my case.

p.s. If we can get a hundred people who want plain "brushed aluminum" mounting bracket for the 634, we should do a custom order and everyone will be happy!:D


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How much would you want for the screwed up sanded bracket?... I need a bracket to paint a red to match the interior of my car, I have the paint, but I need a bracket. I didn't order one with the Display, and am considering making my own case, but still havn't decided. I'd be interested in purchasing the aluminum brushed bracket that was messed up when you attempted to sand off the logo.

I'd pay shipping, but how much would you want, aside from shipping?



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i have seen lian li users (and users of other cases as well) make a bracket out of hacked up drive bay covers. matches color better in some cases, and of course doesnt have a CF logo on it if that's not your thing.