Right combination of IM2..0 on CFAF240400D-030T


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I was running the CFAF240400D-030T on a alpha version of a prototype, when I discovered that the combinational table of IM2..0 on the CFAF's datasheet is wrong. Using a 8 bit bus, and the recommended levels (IM2..0 = 011), I got some misplaced bits, and color noise making me think we're on the 9-bit mode, so when I changed the IM2 bit to 1 (IM2..0 = 111), I got all bits in the right places.

I am now putting to run the Beta version of the prototype, but this time, we're using then 16-bit mode to speed-up things. Of course the datasheet recommended levels didn't worked either (IM2..0 = 010), and I got some signs of work with the combinations 000, 001, 100 and 101.

I will evaluate the behaviour better, but I need some confirmation of the REAL states of the IM2..0 pins for each operational situation (8-bit, 16-bit, 9-bit, 18-bit) so I not run the module on a out-of-specs condition. The datasheet for sure doesn't hold the correct combinations.


Fernando A.
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