Resistive touch screen LCD for vending ?


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Hello everyone at Crystalfontz,

I design electronic systems and one of my customers is showing interest in resistive touch screen. The customer is a vending machine manufacturer. We are thinking about a 240x128 or maybe a 320x240 Graphic LCD.

I used your displays before for vending machines but never with touch screens. What are the mechanical details on the resistive touch add on ? Do you put something between the LCD glass and touch membrane ? If not, everytime a finger is touching the resistive membrane it's pushing against the LCD glass.

How strong are the touch screens ? What do you think about public use ? Will be used in coffee shops and offices.

Looking at your online catalog, i can see that not all graphic LCD are available with touch screens. More availability if I buy some quantities ?

Thank you.
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We can do touch screens for some modules that are not shown. You would have to write to see if one is available, and the quantities required.

For touch screens exposed to the public in an unsupervised place, I think there are capacitive models that allow tempered glass to be exposed to the user.

For supervised (like signature capture) resistive touch screens are often used.


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I've been reading on touch technologies for the past few days. Acoustic pulse, resistive, projected capacitive, surface capacitive, surface wave and infrared.

I agree with you : capacitive would be much better for public use. Resistive is too fragile. The problem is where to buy. All I have found on the net are manufacturer that build custom screens. They need large quantities orders. I'm planning on buying 50 to 100 a year. Not enough to have something cheap custom build.

I also found all in one products, industrial computer + color lcd + touch. Not good for me. I need a small monochrome lcd and a separate touch membrane and i'll build my own system around it.

I think i'm going to forget the touch screen for this project and go with good old fashion push buttons.

Thank you for your reply.