Replacing 8x2 LCD from DMX board


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Hi! nice forum. im from Argentina.
I need some help about replace a 8x2 LCD Character Module from a DMX lighting board.
Some time ago i plugged the board and LCd characteres were almost unreadable and dissapear after some seconds, only the backlight is on. after that the board dont work, is like if LCD dont work, board dont work.
So, i can change the LCD for any other similar 8x2? Will work fine or some programming is needed in the LCD?
any idea to test the non working LCD?


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a update.
today i bought a winstar 0802a
i plugged and the only difference i noted is all the leds in the board are off. the backlight in the new lcd works, then plug in the first line of lcd flashes for a second, but no read, and the board no starts. when the old lcd some leds are on, but no response to sliders or any button.

any idea? could be a problem of configuration of lcd?


CF Tech

It sounds like it might not be the display then. Maybe the board that drives the LCD has some fault.