Real life LCD question


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hi everyone, first time post! Anyways i am interested in the CFAH1602B-TMC-JP Parallel LCD. I noticed in the picture that you can see the white led coming on the right side when the backlight is on. I was wondering how much could you actually see in real life. Like how much of that side is lite up. I was also wondering if the text is easy to read (which i hope). If anyone has this model and can link me to a their site or something where i could see this model in actual use, that would be great, thanks!
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CF Mark

As for the light on the side of the LCD, what you see in those pictures is what you get.
If for some reason that light will annoy you, it shouldnt be too hard to cover with some black plastic or tape.

As for what its like to view... i cant comment, i havnt seen one in action yet :(