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Question: Are overlays removable?

Corporate Dog

New member
I just recently purchased a CrystalFontz 632 backlit display with the intention of mounting it to the back of a modified drive bay cover. After having no luck in finding suitable mounting brackets for the project, I'm thinking about purchasing one of CrystalFontz mounting brackets, but have a few question to ask before I do.

Is the overlay on the CrystalFontz mounting bracket removeable? I'd still like to use my drive bay cover as a "front" since it matches
the color of my case (black).

What are the actual display brackets (the metal parts) mounted to the overlay with? Epoxy of some kind? Or are they screwed on somehow?

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CF Tech


The overlays are attached with 3M 468MP adhesive. They can be peeled off, but it is quite difficult.

There are detail views of the 632 and 634 bracket construction that may show you what you need to know.

If you would like, we could supply the overlay seperate from the bracket.

However, we will have new overlays for the 632 that are black with the red Crystalfontz logo around the first of June. So if you can wait, that may be the easiest way.

Corporate Dog

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Excellent... in that case, I'll just wait for the brackets with the black faceplate to be made available, and save myself some Dremel work.



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Cool color scheme

Black with a red logo... this sounds awesome :) Brent, any plans to do a run of these for the 634 also?


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I got a blank face plate, ruled up a square rectangle thing, took it school and got my woodwork teacher to cut it out, i attached the lcd using double sided tape, and its paintable, mabye you can try this?