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I'm looking into buying the CFAF128160C-018T. I saw that the controller was changed from Sitronix ST7735 to ILITEK ILI9163C. However, I can't find documentation on the new controller anywhere. I would like to know if it supports a SPI interface, since the Sitronix controller documentation (appended to the end of the LCD screen documentation) said it did. If so, how would it be wired/setup?


[Edit] Whoops. I found it via Google. It would be nice if the LCD screen datasheet were updated with the newer controller documentation. The new controller does say that it supports the SPI interface. Does that mean that this particular LCD screen supports it? If so, how would it be wired and such?
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The ILITEK controller does support SPI, but the CFAF128160C-018T design did not incorporate this interface, only the 16 bit parallel.

We "normally" have a link to the controller datasheet for our graphic modules on the product page. I'll have this looked into -- my apologies for you having to track it down yourself.