Question about "Slow HD44780" option


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Hi all,

Just got my CFAH2004A-TMI-JP wired up and working. I love this thing!

Anyway, I'm using the excellent CrystalControl software, and have noticed a little problem. When ever the screen updates sometimes an entire line of text will shift over to the left one character. On the right a random character will appear. Sometimes, if I switch the screen, then switch it back, the text is properly aligned.

I noticed that if I check the "Slow HD44780" option, the problem goes away.

What makes my display a slow hd44780? Is there a problem with my hookup that's making it respond slowly? Thanks for the info.

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CF Mark

Slow HD44780 just increases the timing used between sending signals to the parallel LCDs.

Having a long cable to the LCD could cause you to need this option, as could odd timings within CrystalControl or Windows.

Not much you can do about it.


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Thanks for the info. That makes sense, seeing as how I have a 3' parallel cable.

It's nice that you thought to include that option, since my display wouldn't be working correctly without it.