Question about getting started (632/own software/etc.)


New member

I am thinking of getting the 632 LCD;

And intend to write my own software for it, I run windows2000 professional, and here are my questions;

* Will the LCD display work @ all in Win2k, since I have a friend who doesnt seem to be able to get it working in windows2000 :(

* Will LCD Driver ( (granted the LCD will work in windows2000) be all I need to 'talk' to my LCD display from my programs?

Thanks alot in advance, I realise they questions have probably been asked a million times, so I appreciate ur time,
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CF Tech

Our WinTest demonstration / test program works fine under W2K. Its source is available, so it may be a starting point.

I have heard that LCDriver works under W2K (and even under XP).