Question about CFA633-RDI-KU ATX power function


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I am trying to build a submersion cooled PC and was looking for a fan controller to manage the massive 9 fan radiator block that comes with the kit. I decided to use a Crystalfontz CFA633 after reading about someone else who used one and seeing the product is pretty awesome (plus you can use it as a power button). The problem is that I really don't know much about computers or circuit boards (this is my first build, and I'm a mechanical engineering guy not electrical or computer) and I'm getting tripped up over how to wire the ATX power functionality.

The motherboard I am using for this pc is the MSI Z97 Gaming 7. All the wiring is pretty self explanatory except for the ATX power. For one thing, there is only one terminal provided for the power and reset wires, while my motherboard has both + and - for power and reset switches on it's "front panel jumper". Do I attach the pin to the + line or the - line? Does it matter? Is that even where I'm supposed to plug it in?

Also I am about 90% sure that the Gaming 7 doesn't have a WOL terminal to grab +5V sb from. Ground is easy, there's lots of pins on that board that are grounded, but I don't think there's a always on 5V source. Anybody know offhand if there is one on this motherboard, or is there any "creative wiring" I will need to do to make that happen?

Alternatively, if the CFA633 can not function as a power switch for this motherboard because of a lack of +5V sb, have I completely ruined it for use as a fan controller if I ordered with the ATX power header installed and the jumper modifications that entailed? I'm fine using the case's power button, this was just a cool extra.

Sorry if this question seems dumb, I'm still trying to get this figured out. Any help would be appreciated.
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Ok, status update. You accomplish wonderful things when you actually read the forums before posting. Power and Reset go to the + lines so that's cleared up. Looks like you can use an internal usb port as the +5V sb if you massage the BIOS to let you use the usb ports as chargers when the PC is turned off.

So everything is resolved from a theoretical standpoint. Now I just need the ATX kit from Puget Systems to actually come back in stock so I can build this thing.