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Question about CFA-634


New member

I had a question the CFA-634 LCD.

I'm somewhat new to serial LCDs and was looking for a simple, serial one I could hook up to my OOPic-R microcontroller. Would the only connections I'd have to make be the LCD to one I/O line on the OOPic-R, and a separate power supply for the LCD?

How would I control the backlight?

Thanks for your time,

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CF Tech

For the CFA-634, all you need are Ground, +5v and the OOPIC's Tx line.

The backlight just needs +5v and can be controlled by software command.


New member
Oh, ok, that sounds pretty simple. I have one question though; when you say the tx line, can I juts use an I/O line, or do I need to look on the OOPic board for a special transmitter line?

Thanks again,