Question about backplanes


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I trying to choose and LCD and drvier combination and was wondering what affect the number of backplanes has on the LCD....

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CF Tech

In a nutshell, lower # of backplanes gives:

*higher duty cycle
*lower voltage for a given contrast
*more signals need to be routed to the LCD from the controller
* may be able to use TN LCD fluid


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Thanks for that!

I have thought of a few specifications that I will try and come up with to help choose and LCD / driver:

- number characters/segments
- supply voltage / current
- overall size

- driver / LCD compatibiliyy
- data lines into driver

Can you think of anyothers I should be considering.

thanks a mil


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Cool will keep that in mind I think 0-40deg C is what I am looking at so most LCD's should suffice...

Getting back to backplanes so to drive 160 segments on your lcd you would need 44 lines from the micro (assuming 4 backplanes)?