Q on the Dallas Wire WRDOWY17


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Is it possible to shorten the wires for the Dallas Wire temp sensors, since it possible to daisy chain...it can get pretty long....might present an issue when it comes to cable management?

Thx in advance
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CF Tech

We only have the one length. In theory, you could purchase the connectors, or cut and splice to shorten the sensors.

You could also make your own custom harness:

In practice, most applications do not have more than a few sensors, and it would be a lot easier to just zip-tie the slack, or run the extra length behind the motherboard tray.


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Thx for the prompt reply, a little out of topic but since im not frm US n will be getting it thru someone, i want to ensure i get the order right, this is what i hv in mind

1) CFA-635 20x4 lcd with 6 buttons (1x5.25"bays)
2) White on Light with blue backlight (TMF)
3) Black Aluminium overlay
4) USB (external+internal) inlcuding SCAB and cables

plus maybe a few extra dallas wire temp sensors, the male n female snaps into each other right?

That shud abt make a complete kit right?....Currently for air cooling only...

Thx again