Putting together list of LCDriver software for v2.0 site... am I missing any?


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If any of you know of apps not on this list that use LCDriver, let me know :) Planning to roll out the website design for v2.0 this evening. Thanks!

LCDCenter - "Jo" (Borderfield) (incubus@shrimpwars.be)

Ultimate Info Center - ?? (mraa@gmx.de)

LeechDrive - Ken Van Hoeylandt (kenvh@hotmail.com)

SpecialK's - "SpecialK" ()

LCDTime (various timers/clocks)
LCDHDInfo (shows HDD info)
LCDStatScroll (scrolls the time across)
LCDStockTicker (scrolls stock quotes)
LCDUMeter (network utilization)
LCDVUMeter (VU meter - no workie 2K)

IP_freely's - "IP_freely" ()

CPU (shows CPU usage, stats, time)
TimeMem (shows current time & memory usage)
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The first rule of LCDriver v2 is that we do not talk about LCDriver v2. ;)

It's been slow going lately - my previous employer laid me off and still owes me nearly two months of pay, and that was even before Oregon gained the highest unemployment rate in the country. So, between school and trying to make ends meet, I've been strapped for time. However, I've got all of Christmas break to work on it. :rolleyes: The CrystalFontz driver is actually done as of a few weeks ago, I'm going to pass it to Brent for testing as soon as I whack a few more bugs out of the RPC input DLL.


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we included an option to use lcdriver in LCDMax.


(sorry, homepage in german, but program is switchable to english)

we could include the V2 as well if you want us to ;)
and we can take the current version out again if you dont want us to use it :)=)

mailadress is support@lcdmax.de