Prototyping LCD projects


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Each PDK includes a machined ready-to-go enclosure with assembly hardware; a backlit LCD module (Crystalfontz, of course); a membrane keypad (with clear keys so you can insert your own custom placard); an assembled and tested PCB with a powerful RISC processor (ATmega128), temperature sensor, RS-232 driver; and a large prototype area for your own through-hole and surface mount components. All major components fit together without machining! Just add the circuitry your application requires and you’re ready to start software development (code samples available). Everything you need for a professional looking product whether you’re building one or a hundred. Kits are available for handheld, industrial control and remote terminal applications. A great schedule saver for the serious amateur or small manufacturers. Application notes, schematics, board layout, and enclosure options are available on-line, or call JEM Innovation Inc., 303-926-9053.
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