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Hello, I'm working on a project that utilizes an "Arduino Mega2560" and i need an LCD and control buttons. After spending a lot of time researching it looks like one of your "CFA735-TML-KT" would fit the bill nicely. but cause of the price I want to be sure that there are no compatibility issues between the CFA735 and the Arduino controller. specifically i need to display and cycle through menu options then send commands to the controller via serial line to initiate code that i have written on the controller, then display test results transmitted from the controller. Ideally i would also like to be able to have on-board simple troubleshooting tree data that the user can go through. I've some experience sending data through serial line between controllers and to/from controllers and simple computer programs that i wrote, it was basically data logging from a weather station that i built. It had one controller take sensor readings windspeed temp light levels and transmit them via serial line to another controller and it would organize and add id's to data then send it to the pc software that logged data and saved it in CSV format that could be graphed with excel. But i have no experience with LCD's so I'm a bit skiddish about spending that much unless i know that it can work.
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The CFA735 uses a packet structure to communicate. We take care of the part where the LCD itself get's talked to. :) The structure going to and from is basically:

< Type > < DataLength> < Data1> < Data2 > ... <Datan><CRC>

When sending to the CFA735, the type is a command, and when coming from the module, it is data e.g. key press, GPIO line change.

The CFA735-TML-KT with the daughter board can communicate full swing RS-232. If you remove the daughter board, you can use logic level serial communication. Compatibility is really only the code that you use.