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ref announcment regarding a new review http://blah=&threadid=1361 and noted the author states on (page 4)

Code: also offers online
 Tech Support forums to help out. 
As far as I know, they do not offer
 help with custom programming for 
their LCDs, which I saw as minor 
downside to any of you who are 
really into customization.
And while I respect and appreciate the team's effort to supply a software controller for the serial devices, some of us really do like to dig a little deeper, play a little harder, and tweek it just a bit more.

And for those who are beginner or "hobby pregrammers", a few short tutorals on sending commands to the device directly, without using LCDriver, would be the greatest service you have provided thus far.

I've been working on a project for a month now. Documented at
the hobbypages on the "My current project" page. But I can't seem to talk to the module directly. How do you do it?
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We try to support anyone who is writing software that communicates with our displays.

There is WinTest which is a pretty good tool for experimenting with commands.

The full source for WinTest is also available. It is not too bad of a starting point for a project.

All the commands are listed in the data sheet, many have examples that can be pasted into WinTest.

You can talk to the display with a terminal program (like HyperTerminal), although I do not know of a practical application for that.

Try adding "serial.c" and "serial.h" to your project, then add the "initialize" and "uninitialize" code, and finally copy the code from one of the "demos" to get the data out the port.

I could make a stripped down demo for you if you would like.

If you have any technical questions, feel free to post them here.