Programmed text in cfa-631 module


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I received a LCD screen from a friend which used it in an old Dell Music matic pc. When I start up the pc, before cc2 is loaded I always see "musicmatic box - mm" on the screen, it seems that this text has been programmed into the LCD module. Is there any way to remove this text?


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CF Support2

If you are running windows, you can use our 631_WinTest application to change the boot screen.

Download the application from here:

Stop CC2 (you will need to free up the COM port) and then launch the the 631_WinTest.exe.

- WinTest should find the CFA631 in the drop down list. If not, you will need to select it.
- Enter the text you want to have displayed for Line 1 and Line 2 and send to the display.
- Adjust the contrast and backlight to your preferences *NOTE: CC2 will change these to the settings in that app
- After you have the display set up the way you want, click on the Packet Debugger button
- Select command 4 - Save current state as boot state from the drop down.
- Leave the data field blank
- Click on Send Data
- Close out of 631_WinTest
- Restart CC2, or reboot to verify.

Let us know if you need any further assistance.


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Sorry for the late reply. It worked :) I really like the LCD display and the software.

Thank you very much for the info.



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I have a very similar issue/question, except it's my own CFA631 being reborn in a WHS environment. I decided to change the Boot screen, so it would say something like "WHS System Starting...". This way, on a server with no keyboard/monitor, I could easily see if it was running yet. Anyway, I followed the instructions, and got it programmed via the Packet Debugger to read:

"* * WHS-xxxx-01 * *"
"*System Starting Up*"

Then I noticed a problem:
In my playing around with Wintest, I somehow got both LCD lines to read

After programming my new text, and rebooting the system it still comes up as:
"STOP x-01 * *"
"STOP rting Up*"

Even if I use the Packet Debugger to clear the screens, the STOP remains. Any ideas as to what I've mucked up?