product differences


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I am building a new case that is going to include an lcd on the front panel and I have to decide what to get.

My question is...

Besides the obvious size difference, Is there anything that the 20x4 (634 USB series) can do that the 40x4 serial interface can't? or vice versa?

Any info apprecaited.
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okay, so the only basic difference is that one is 20 characters long, and one is 40 characters long, right?

And if I wanted, I could just get a serial-to-usb converter and have the same effect?


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both the USB and serial are available in 20x4 and 16x2. there is no 40x4. i think CF tech assumed that you made a typo when you wrote 40x4, which is why he ignored it.

CF Tech

That is a CFAH series display, which we do not recommend for use in PCs.

moi was right, I assumed the "40x4" was a typo, since we do not have a 40x4 in serial or USB.