Producing birefringence signal with liquid crystal


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I am a biologist interested in producing a controlled polarization signal with a modified LCD screen. Does anyone know of any possible way to remove the outer vertical polarizer from the screen to avoid destroying the LC birefringence? Any other ideas about how to create a birefringent image against a linearly polarized background would be very helpful.
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CF Tech

An LCD is basically three polarizers, one of them switchable:

* front polarizer
* (glass)
* LC material
* (glass)
* rear polarizer

We do have one display, the CFAX12864AP1NFH That is made with the glass exposed, and the front and rear polarizers can be carefully removed.

It is a graphic display, and will take some work to get it to show anything, and it is not a birefringence LCD. I have only ever seen one sample of a birefringence LCD, the TFT pretty much killed it.