problems with connecting a powertip pc 1602-h

mi hoen

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a few months ago my dad bought this powertip 16x2 gigit lcd screen, now, when i try to connect it it doesnt work.
so, i found this MB and thought, that maybe some pro's could help me.
a few questions:

*i need to find an EXACT manual to qonnect the wires, i'f found 5 different so far, ant i just don't know witch is the correct.

*which pinns on the paralel port gives the voltage?, yesterday i had some light comming out of my lcd, but while soldering, i lost the pinn what gave me power.:mad:

*i know what '' GND"' means (grouwnd) but, eh.... were can i find it? it supose to be on my parallel port (a clear one) but, my solder won't stick to it!

* about the resistors and the other nessesairy elements:
i have 2 squere pod metres, one that say's UK 8246
E4A 100R K
the other one say's : 214c
(upsidedown) p 104

are these the right ones?

thank you

klaas hoen 15 years, holland.
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mi hoen

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i have light, i have screen, but not the good screens.
like i sayed, i have a 2x 16 digit lcd, but only the first 8 digits show a squere. :confused:

help me :eek: