Problem with W2000


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I am using CrystalControl with my parallel LCD, but when I want to change session in order to use another user, it gave me an error and doesn´t allow me to close even the Crystal Control or even reboot the system.

What could be wrong???

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It opens severeal windows saying " Privileged Instruction" and with a button to accept, but it doesn´t close the program, it keeps the program running, but my pc dont boot and not even shut down.


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Yeah, me and my friends got the same problem. We all use Win Xp or 2000 and everytime we want to shutdown the pc, there a several (10-20) errorboxes with the "privileged instruction" message.

some times the hole shutdown process is stopped, sometimes not.

seems like the crystal control software doesnt like to be "forced" to shutdown...

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I was told that that error means that (lots of that) either dlportio or motherboard monitor is shut down before CC is...

CF Mark

Im looking into the problem now.

It seems its a bug with the DLPortIO driver.
Ill probably have to change to another driver to fix the problem.