Problem with v0.98


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After I installed CrystalControl 0.98 beta i got the following message when tried to run the application: "File PDH.DLL is linked to NTDLL.DLL that wast not found in RtlStringFromGUID" (freely translated from the portuguese windows version)

Things I tried (and has not worked):

re-install CrystalControl
re-install Windows 98
re-register the NTDLL.DLL
put NTDLL.DLL in the CrystalControl program folder

Please help, anyone!

CC 0.96 works fine here but I got this weird message: "Floating point division by zero"; everytime I run it.

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CF Mark

My fault... CC shouldnt be using PDH.DLL under Win9x.
Ill fix it in the next version.

Weird other poeple havnt had the same problem though.


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Yeah... quite weird. Maybe it's the Windows version. Perharps people are using 98SE, i'm using 98 retail OEM. I got the some problem in the computer of a friend that was using the same type of windows.

My regards

CF Mark

All my fault :(

I just checked and it is using DLLs it shouldnt be.
The installer was also getting a few things wrong.

I need to do more beta testing myself under win9x.


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Well, actually, I'm having the same problem.
I'm running WinME, and 0.96 worked perfectly. Installing 0.98 I get the following error (in a DOS box, obviously):

Installing CanIO Port Service...
Sys Location: "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\canio.sys"
OpenSCManager failed!
Please report this error

Then, when attempting to run 0.98 (which obviously won't work w/ the installation error, but hey... ya gotta try!):

Error Box #1:
C:\Program Files\CrystalControl\CrystalControl.exe
A device attached to the system is not functioning.

Error Box #2:
The PDH.DLL file is
linked to missing export NTDLL.DLL:RtlStringFromGUID.

Any thoughts? Possible fixes? Wait for the next version?