problem with the crysta fontz software


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problem with the crysta fontz software "CrytalFonts 634 serial"


i have problem with the crysta fontz software, I tested all versions from 0.99 to 1.07 with the same effect.

At first I add my device "CrytalFonts 634 serial" to the LCD Modules that works fine but when I add the new screen
I get always the same error message.

I hope any can help me ...

greetings Termi2004
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CF Mark

Try running regedit and deleting the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CrystalControl".

Besides that, there isnt much I can do with these types of problems anymore, CrystalControl 1 now isn't being actively maintained.


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If 1 series of the CF software isnt beeing maintained...
Which version *is* beeing maintained?

I've read many threads here with ppl asking when v2 is coming.

The fact that CF answers "it's coming when it's coming" is, to me, a very "impudence" reply.

I expect a serious reply and feedback on the matter.

After all. Crystalfontz is a serious business?

After buying a display and had it shipped all the way across the globe - one expects more.


CF Mark

Quite a while ago i decided that stopping the maintenance of CrystalControl would allow more time to be spent on the development of CrystalControl2.

The problem is CrystalControl2 is taking much longer than expected to be ready for release.

Check your PM.