Problem with the CFA-633 LCD display


New member

1. My application should set the CFA-633 LCD display and to read CFA-633 keypad. There is some CFA-633 driver or demo software written in Labview?
2. I am using with the CFA-633 display unit. While I am turning my computer on
"Crystalfontz 633
HW v1.0 FW v0.6" message appears on the display.

I configure 633 LCD Module and 19200 Interface speed. After that I adding new screen but the display does not changed.

While I click Test Setting in Configure module screen then display is cleared and after few seconds all pixels on the display are on. Additional click on Test Setting does not affect the display.
What is Test Setting doing?
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CF Mark

Well then no, i very much doubt theres any 633 code for Labview avaliable.
Just about the only code avaliable for the 633 is 633_WinTest.