problem with my 633


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Received my LCD screen today. I went to work and made my own RS-232 cable for it(I am an electronics technician that deals with RS-232 alot). Just other end I Soldered to the pins of the connector on the back of the circuit board(all done at my work with the nessesary ESD equipment). Now before I hooked up the RS-232 cable to my computer, I decided to power it on. I plugged in the power cable and something got very hot on the back so I quickly unplugged it. Some signs I noticed was the Backlight was dim and the LEDs on the keypad was dim. I didn't see any signs of something burt. Well I tried another one of my connectors and the LCD and keypad lit up bright. Well I thought all was well till I plugged in RS-232 cable onto my serial port on my computer. Loaded up the Crystal Fontz test software and it could not see the LCD. I moved to my other serial port and still did the same thing. I took a voltage measurement from that power connector the made the thing heat up and all the voltages were fine(wanted to make sure it wasn't my power supply). I think one of the IC chips over heated or something. Is there something I can do about this or another test to make sure its not something im doing wrong? Thanks
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You will have to write support(at)crystalfontz(dot)com and see what can be arranged as far as a replacement.