Problem with GLCD 128 x 64


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Dear Friends,

I have 128 x 64 GLCD and its model name TM12864H6CCOWA. This GLCD have NT75451 controller. I don’t have datasheet of the GLCD but I have datasheet of the controller. In controller datasheet have more command like LCD bias set,ON /OFF display, Electronic volume mode set , etc., I don’t know this commands execute by my self or already execute by in built Microprocessor when power on time. I show link of controller datasheet and GLCD datasheet below. Please see the datasheet and given what are commands execute first?
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The problem you have here is that you need a data sheet for the TM12864H6CCOWA that gives more information about its internal circuits. The NT75451 controller has many variables to set that depend on the type of LCD panel, and the circuit of the negative voltage boost circuit. So until you get more info about the module, there is no way to be sure which settings to use for initialization. You could try to experiment to see if you can find some settings that work. This controller chip looks very similar to the Epson SED1565 series, used in some Optrex displays. You could search this forum for "F-51320" or "F-51553" or "SED1565" to find threads that talk about the Optrex modules, and the initalization code for those may work for your display.

What processor are you using to control the display, and do you have any code already written for that?