Problem with CC & Web-Stat's


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I am using the 634 LCD, and v1 (Build 195) of CC. It is connected via a serial cable to a Windows 2003 Web Edition Server running IIS 6.0

I need to display current user totals for a web-site. I have selected "Performance Info|Web Service|Current Connections|(name of web-site)", and added this onto Line 4 of the display screen configuration.

All works nicely, except - when the first user connects to the web-site, it displays "2" on the LCD. If another user connects, it increments correctly (it even reverts to the correct figure if you close the first users browser!?!).

Any help would be appreciated, as we need to go live with this system asap!

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CF Mark

Run "perfmon", and see what numbers its reporting for that counter.

If they are the same as what CC is reporting, then i cant help you as itll be a problem with the software giving that number (web server software).


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More features

Following are features that I would be happy to see:

1. Networking traffic counters that sum all cards Kbps in/out
2. Outlook/Exchage integration: Currently email information is working with POP3 only. Even adding POP interface to Exchange, you don't enough control: I want total unread message and not total messages in Inbox etc.
3. A way to integrate with software and add custom information.