Privacy Policy?


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Hmm I've read new updated the privacy policy in the announcment news..

Im concerned about asking for the Phone numbers, cuz I have a Security Caller ID system they can blocking for reason.. CrystalFontz owner, can you give the the toll free or business phone number and I can put the CrystalFontz on the "Granted Access" list to my Security Caller ID incoming call.. Or You can have my Email for any problem while ordering the shippings or something..

My budget still saving for the CF Large Display probably in August or so after the new modded is done..
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Hello DBPowerWCRulez-

Thanks for your post.

The main reason we mention that in the Terms and Policies is that we have occassionally had someone order a very priority package that we can't reach via phone due to no phone number supplied. We email customers as well, but phone is often quicker. is up to you in that sense - just to be aware that it limits the ways we can contact you in the case that there is a problem with your order, credit card, etc. Note: we rarely do need to call anyone regarding their order - so the chances are slim that we would need to call anyway. :D

Here is our basic contact info:
Crystalfontz America Inc.
12412 East Saltese Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA 99216-0357
Tel: (509) 892-1200
Fax: (509) 892-1203
Toll Free:1-888-206-9720 (US only)

(updated: 2017-02-28)

Please note: International customers must provide a telephone number so the express service in your country can call you direct if there is a problem with delivery.


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Okay, Thanks for the phone and address, Good news I will have the fax internet!.. so I will put the voice phone nbrs into caller id granted access.