Pricing Question


New member
is it just me or did u raise the price on the blue backlit USB 634 like 2wice now in like a week! what gives?

-Samuel L
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CF Tech

We have had only one price change in well over two years. It became effective on February 6, 2003.

We basically added $5 to the white or blue 634 to cover the more expensive backlight, and added $5 to cover USB modules.

We also dropped the price on the 633 by $15 and made the PC bracket pricing more flexible based on exactly what items were ordered.

Since the USB option needs less expensive cabling, the entire package price is still quite comparable.

At the same time we brought the "Kit Configurator" online:

It allows any valid combination of kit to be selected.

All prices, including quantity price breaks, are posted our web site and may be subject to change without prior notice.