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Hi, I was going to order CFAH2002A-TMC-JP

and I was trying to connect it as easy as possible through a serial or usb port(although I am trying to avoid any soldering). Would I need to install a backpack or get some type of cable for this or how would I go about that becuase I am very confused about this. Thank you for any help you may provide and sorry if this has been asked before
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Cant be done.
Theres no way you can aviod soldering with a HD44780 based LCD unless you can get someone else to do it for you.

Im not sure if there are any USB backpacks avaliable yet.
There are serial backpacks avaliable, but they still require soldering.

This is exactly what serial LCDs are made for like the 632, 633 and 634. They require no soldering, and you can have one up and going in about 5mins.
And, no, they do not come in blue...
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LOL everybody wants inverted blue without paying big bucks for it (myself included). M.O. offers a 4-line blue serial (with 25-keypad inputs and 8 high output GPOs for about $100), and they promised to have inverted blue units available in August. :eek: I don't need (read: want to pay for) keypad inputs or GPOs, but I have been unable to find a simple 4-line serial or USB inverted blue anywhere. :(

Q: Do you guys have any plans to offer a 4-line serial or USB inverted blue ? (like an inverted blue 634 or maybe a CFAH2004A-TMI-JP + backpack kit?)

I have read the stickys and almost all the forum postings and still am unsure what solution is best for me.
I know there are many parallel LCD to serial backpacks available out there (Wirz SLI-OEM ,Seetron BPK-000 ), and some newer parallel LCD to USB backpacks (Skylab , ).

I would enjoy making my own backpack if I could find well-designed schematics for a serial (or even better a USB) backpack that will:
1) allow software backlight control
2) work with LCD center or Crystal control, or even better LCDC.
3) include resistors etc. that will prevent blowing out the display by turning the pots up too far and things like that.
Being a lazy computer science major I would rather spend time modifying code to suit my needs rather than writing everything from scratch.

Thanks in advance to anybody who can help point me in the right direction.

FYI about where my blue fetish comes from:
After changing my mouse LED to bright blue I discovered that blue lights excite my girlfriend and transform her into a nymphomaniac. (Maybe she thinks I look like batman, so she changes into her alter-ego also?) I can't wait to see what happens with the blue LCD!!! :D
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Darn that blue lcd and its color would fit my case perfectly .Does anyone besides Skylab solder wires for you becuase I emailed Skylab but they haven't e-mailed me back :( But I woudn't mind paying extra for a good usb backup with soldering included becuase I don't have the tools or knowledge for it.