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BTW, I love the 634 display the way it is. The software and display itself are just as advertised. Customer support is also excellent!

I was wondering, and I don't even know if Crystalfontz has this already, if a "thinner" version of the 634 LCD could be made. I think it would be nice to be able to stick stuff like hard drives behind it to conserve some case space. The serial cable that is coming off of it now is convenient, but sticks out so much that I can't put anything behind there. Right now I have a case that is certainly big enough (10 5.25 bays), but I will soon be switching over to a lighter, smaller case that has half that many 5.25 bays. Thats not good when I consider that with this display, all my current bays are full. 2 bays is a lot to take up.

I suppose I could maybe take apart that serial connector, solder on a serial ribbon type cable and then route the cable around a hard drive. But I'd rather not void the warranty on the display. All in all I think it would be nice to have a thin version, not just where the serial cable is, but also an overall thinner profile (including the power connector). It could give the display more options for custom applications.
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You could try a 9pin sub-d IDC (ribbon cable) connector like that used on the 633 cable.
It wont be as deep as the normal connector.