PLED is great, but what is the current draw?!?


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It is a BEAUTIFUL display (the 16x2), but your datasheet is missing a few key details. On backlit LCDs, you can get the current draw, but this isn't backlit.

I don't totally believe when I read the current is 0.35 typ and 0.6mA max. That can't be with the LCD supply voltage set to 5 volts.

You might want to clarify that in your datasheet.

So my question: What IS the range of current draw with all pixels lit and the Vbt set to 5 volts? It looks like they are PWM'ing the pixels, if shake the unit you get missing lines...

Could you also find out what the frequency of refresh is?

Since I hope to put these in to a new production device, I really need to know all the subtle details of current and frequency (the FCC might not like me).

Thanks as always. You make GREAT products and I will continue to use you as my preferred vendor on all our products.

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Gottlieb Inventions, Inc.
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With all pixels lit

Thanks, it would be great also if you could run that twice, once with 1/2 the pixels on and once with all the pixels on. That way, if we assume the consumption is reasonably linear, we will have a complete power profile.

This is going into a battery operated device so with that info I can calculate how long the batteries will last.

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Bringing this backup... oled current draw?

Just bringing this topic back up. I want to integrate it into our design, but I need to know the current consumption. They really are NICE looking displays... I am really happy with the intensity and clarity, you guys did an ACE job.


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What IS the range of current draw with all pixels lit and the Vbt set to 5 volts?
I'm a software guy and not a hardware guy, but it seems your pretty chart didn't go up to the 5 volts Vbt requested. Since this will be a battery based device where the design may limit him to using 5 volts, can you get the measurments at 5 volts Vbt?



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Are you kidding?

I love the graph, but am I to understand that your datasheet which clearly says the max of Vbt is 5 volts, but you only recommend 3? Where is that printed and how did you arrive at that number? If that is recommended then you must have a LIFE rating to go along with it. Please let us know how many hours these displays will operate at 3 volts.

Luckily I put in a voltage divider so I can adjust that voltage...

I know it is new technology, but if I am going to use this thing in production, I have to know all the details... Like a regular LCD.

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I think the current datasheet does not have near as much detail as the older version, which does give the recommended Vbt max of 3v.

I have asked the factory engineer to clear up some of this confusion, but that typically is a slow process.