Please help me with DSL settings...

El Ente

New member
Hello from Spain!!!

I've got a DSL connection, a 634 (serial) and crystal control 1.01...

The problem is: network label is not shown under Performance info!!!

I would like to know what's the tag I should use in order to know received/send transfers in Kb/s or the section in Performance Info I should go....

I'm giving you three screen captures in order to show what's shown in my Per. Info menu

Also... how's v2 going!! I can't wait to see!

Thanks for your help!!
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CF Mark

What version of windows are you running?

Its not under ".NET CLR Networking" ?

It has always been a mystery as to how windows controls what information is avaliable in Perfmon.

El Ente

New member
Hi again

Thanks for your reply....

But I select .NET CLR Networking, insert the propter tag which is

~PM26\.NET CLR Networking\Bytes Received~

And it always show 0.00 no matter what, I re-installed Crystal Control but nothing changes...

My windows is

Windows XP Proffessional
Build 2600.xpsp1.020820-1920 (service pack 1)

Any helping tag?? any ideas??

CF Mark

In that case ".NET CLR Networking" isnt network card stats, its somthing else.

Reinstalling CrystalControl wont help as the items that are avaliable in the Perfmon list are controlled by windows.
CrystalControl just shows whats avaliable.

I really have no idea how to get the "Networking" info back.
Maybe you can try and find a microsoft networking forum or newsgroup... they would have more of an idea.

Failing that, if your really desperate, a reinstall of XP would probably make it come back.