Please help me - 100% newbe


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Well I kinda lied ... not 100% newbe ... I've been looking some but anyways here are my q's.

I want to get a crystal fontz LED that will fit in my 5.25" drive bay. I was thinking about getting this one...
but I want to make sure of a few things before I do it.

1. I have a printer and a scanner and I was wondering if I could print while the led is on?
2. Is there any way to convert parallel to usb and still be able to use parallel software?(or is there any good usb software?)
3. Which software seems to be the "best" for displaying temps, winamp, and all sorts of stuff like that?
4. Can someone post a link to a diagram of the pin setup and how to wire it all?
5. How does this thing hook up to the power supply ... 12v or seperate connection?
6. What has more software available ... serial or parallel?(I think parallel but not sure)
7. Whats the advantage of using the connection that has less software (other then easier to hook up)?
8. Anything else that you think I should know would be great.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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CF Mark

1) No
2) Yes
3) CrystalControl ;)
4) CrystalControl comes with a wiring guide.
5) 5V to your PCs power supply.
6) They are about even
7) "" ... but serial LCDs are better
8) ...

You said your a newbie... 60% of newbies wont get a parallel LCD working first shot and loose most of thier hair in the process.
Yes, serial LCDs are more expensive... but they are of much better quality, have a bigger display size and are easy to set up.