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Place an order last night for A Br. Al PC Bracket kit. = $99.98

Did not put any comment like "I approve of FedEx International Priority Shipping for $x.xx." in special instructions.

Which I found later on the shipping section of the site.

I assummed before ordering that CF will calculate and notify me of the final charge and charge accordingly, I assume this error will delay my order. :(

Haven't had any e-mail to verify payment for international Shipping Charges, Yet

Not very clear in the on-line order form.

And Also paid by Credit Card, reading the small prints after placing the order, CF Site Quote " order over $100 must be wire if shipping abroad".

Does it mean total cost = order + shipping, If so it will be well over $100. What then?
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CF Tech

We just received your email - thank you for pre-approving your ship costs. It is just 9:30 am here, so your order should go out fine today (barring any unforeseen processing problems).

International orders $100 credit card limit is for merchandise. It does not include shipping.

For general reference, here is the international shipping page:

Here is the policies page:

Tracking emails are sent once your order ships - late afternoon, US pacific time.

Thank you for your order.


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Thanks for the prompt reply. Your message has cleared up some doubt that I had in my mind.

Just can't wait to get my hands on it.

Thanks guys & gals