PCProbe, Crystal Fontz and MB manager

LIanLI modder

New member
I have an Asus A7n8x deluxe motherboard and I have been using the CF634 in my LianLi 75B modded case. I have not been able to use the MBM manage founctions because MBM in unable to recognize the sensors used on the ASUS board. However, PC Probe does recognize all the same featuers of MBM on the Asus board. Is it possible to have The Crystalfontz software utilize these values from PC probe instead or MBM.
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I would also like this. I have an Asus board as well. MBM does work for mine, but I think PC Probe is a much better app. I doubt this will happen though because PC Probe only works on Asus boards and therefore would not help that large of the user population. :(