Parallel LCD setup


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hey peeps, I've got me a HD44780 parrallel LCD.

I've had this working with other software, I use port 278.
I want to use Crytal Control cos of it's compatibility with Medal of Honor.

Installed software, and went to add new modual, and selected HD44780 and set it up. But it come up with the error message 'Innit of printer port 0x278 failed'

I use Port95nt to unlock the printer port under Win2000 Pro.

here's a screenie of the set up, can you see anything worng?

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Uninstall Port95nt. Crystal Control has its own I/O drivers which it uses to unlock the port. Your problem is probably a conflict caused by the Crystal control drivers and port95nt drivers both trying to access the parrallel port simultaneously.

CF Mark

CrystalControl cannot display MOH kills because MOH unfortunatly doesnt supply the information in its server status packets :(