Outside LCD use: glare? useful temp range? weather?


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Hi all, I'm working on a project and need use of a graphic LCD for use outside.
Does anyone know how the crystalfontz LCD's perform outside in terms of glare, useable low temperatures, and how weather resistant it is?
I would be using it outside between the months of april and june/july (-2 to 20 degrees celcius). I would also make a box for it so that only the face (LCD screen) would be showing.

Thanks for any help in this matter,
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I'm using the 634-YMC screen (yellow on black) and there is some glare in direct sunlight (see picture) that makes it hard to read at certain angles, but it isn't too bad. The black on white LCD's should have a bit less glare.

as far as temps go, I've used mine in temps around 35º F (about 2º C) and haven't had any problems.