Outdoor use and abused


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Well i thought it wasnt gonna happen but im back on my point of sale project... and heres what im thinking outside a box with a card reader and an output screen, now i dont need to explain how the system will work but it wont need any other input trust me... now this box... it will be outside meaning probably 100f to -40f with abuse....

so what i need is an lcd screen that will be outside with a card reader both will be usb running to a pc inside swipe>screen says wait for cashier to process>lcd screen says processing>then completed

sounds possible?
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i was thinking about a CFA-631 because coincidence i think not i need 4 buttons outside... how do those buttons interface with a computer anyway?

CF Tech

The CFA-631 will send a key report packet on each key event. Your software would then do whatever is appropriate for that event.

You can also turn off key reporting and use them in a polled mode, if that method is more desirable in your application.