Ordering Question about 2.0


New member
I just ordered the Serial 20x4 LED Backlit (SKD204634SGLG) i just want to make sure that this will be Rev 2.0 with all the new features
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CF Tech

Hi Curtis -

You are correct -- it is the new v2.0 on all models of the 634 (backlit and reflective)!

We are very excited about the new 634 and the features it offers.

Here is a feature summary:

New v2.0 Features:

This display is the “v2.0” version of our serial display series. This version is generally command and mechanically compatible with our earlier 1.x series displays, while adding many improvements:
The LCD material is now FSTN (Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic) instead of STN. FSTN gives better contrast, faster response and makes an all-around more readable display.

The display now has the ability to store a customized boot screen of your design in its EEPROM. All features of the display are controlled: characters displayed, user-definable characters, backlight setting, contrast setting, cursor position, cursor style, “wrap” setting, “scroll” setting, and even the scrolling marquee.

The baud rates supported are now 19200, 9600, 4800 and 2400 baud. 1200 baud is no longer supported.

The PCB silkscreen has an abbreviated jumper setting table, so all the jumper settings are always in easy reference.

The processor’s reset circuit has been improved to handle a wider range of slow-turn-on power supply conditions.

For full features, please see: