Optrex F-51852 question: is 3V operation possible??


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I've been trying to get an optrex F-51852 display running for a while now with not much luck. I'm using the Freescale DEMOQE board with the 8-bit micro, 9S08qe128. This board operates at around 3.1 volts, and i have a breakout board connected to the demo board so that i can interface with all of the data and control lines of the lcd. This LCD has a NJU6676 controller inside.

I have not been successful at getting anything to work at all with this display. I have traced out all my connections to make sure that the I/O pins are working right and connected to the right pin (using parallel mode, 68 type interface). I am wondering if these displays can even work at this voltage??? The datasheets says yes, but i'm wondering if that is just a dumb spec and not practical.

I would appreciate any advice.

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Which exact model number are you talking about? Are you using the internal charge pumps (if so, what boost configuration?), or external power for the LCD bias voltage? What is the voltage on Vout (pin 16)?


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F-51852GNFJ-SLW-AEN is the exact model number, i also have some of the thin -ajn new models.

Using internal charge pumps at 3X boost, 1.0 uF for the bypass and boost capacitors. I can't seem to get anything on Vout.

I have extensive experience with the F51320, which is very similar, and has the same instruction set and hookups (but not the same controller), so I may be able to help you.

With 3 volt Vdd, you will need to use the 4x boost config to get the 13.2 volts for the lcd bias (+3 Vdd and -12 V5 gives 15 V).

Please post the display init command sequence that you are using.
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