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Optical bonding or/and AR/AG Film on LCD display


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Have read that Optical bonding or/and AR/AG Film increases readability of LCD displays in bright ambient conditions? Does crystalfontz offer LCD displays with Optical bonding or/and AR/AG Film?
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I would like to know the maximum distance at which the display :- CFAH2002Z-YYH-JP, is fully readable in bright ambient conditions like airports, railway stations etc.?

CF Tech

How good are your eyes? :)

I'm just being silly, but seriously the "readable" distance is highly dependent on the viewer and conditions.

The best way to judge it would be to print out a 1:1 image of the candidate display and tape it to the wall where a typical user would be viewing it.

I have attached a 1:1 image of the display as a PDF. If you print that out using Acrobat with "Scaling" set to "None' in the print dialog, it should come out as actual size. You will probably have to tell Acrobat to "tile" the pages, then tape them together since it is too big for normal office paper.

Then just put that at distance and ask your friends and family if they can read it :)